Ingredients & Sourcing


We only use Draper Valley Chicken

  • Northwest grown

  • All natural

  • No antibiotics ever

  • No hormones or steroids added

  • 100% vegetarian fed with no animal by-products

We source the majority of our produce from Farmstand Local Foods, a distributor that connects small Washington farms with food businesses in Seattle from April through January. From January to April and to cover any shortages throughout the year we buy from larger farms in Washington, Oregon or Idaho.


We're a local Seattle company and we want to work & support other local food companies. 

Monthly Sauce Special - Every month we feature a local food producer through special rotating sauce. You can learn more about the companies we have worked with and the sauces here.

Seasonal side specials - Every 3 months or so we change out our side specials to reflect what is growing around Seattle.

Every month at least 70% of our food spend goes to produce/meat grown in Washington, Oregon or Idaho or a small business in the Seattle area.

The "health" things

Our core menu items are Gluten Free! We love naked wings, and can make a wicked gluten free cornbread, and well, some things (like coleslaw) just don't need gluten. So if you're gluten-free (or not), enjoy!

Baked - we twice bake these wings because....Crispiness! And we don't want wings that make us feel oily. 

Cookies! These aren't healthy. They're just so good it's worth it. Balance in life is important! (We also make them over at @comfortbakingco. Check us out!)