Monthly Featured sauces

Every month at Two Step Wings we feature a new sauce using products from another Washington small business. We want to highlight the awesome food being produced in Washington and work with some of the friends we have made along the way (plus introduce you to amazing new foods!).

May 2019: The Kitchen imp - Harissa yogurt

April 2019: Onda Origins - Coffee mojo

February/March 2019: Urban Family Brewing - “Beeriyaki” with Dark Hymn

January 2019: Firefly Kitchens - Kimchi Buffalo

December 2018: Mustard & Co. - Honey Mustard

November 2018: Grimm Brothers Hot Sauce - Cherry Bomb BBQ

October 2018: Joe Chocolates - “Joe-le” Chocolate Chili Mole

September 2018: Ayako and Family - Apricot Jalapeño

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